Ibu Hamil Elak Sembelit, Pening Kepala dan Buasir

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Penjagaan kesihatan amat perlu dititikberatkan oleh Ibu Hamil. Selain penjagaan yang rapi pada kesihatan diri sendiri, penjagaan kepada kandungan juga turut penting.

Set Hamil

Petikan testimoni sebenar dari SUPERMOM SHAKLEE STORY

Published on Jan 6, 2016
VIDEO # 3 SUPERMOM SHAKLEE STORY (with english Subtitles)

Ibu beranak enam ini akhirnya menemui produk yang dapat menyelesaikan masalah sembelit, buasir dan sakit kepala yang amat sangat ketika hamil.

Dr. Najihah, seorang Pensyarah, blogger dan juga ibu yang berpengalaman ini berkongsikan pengalaman beliau sewaktu hamil dan berpantang dari anak pertama hinggalah anak ke enam.

Jom ikuti kisahnya dan dapatkan set kehamilan Shaklee dan set berpantang shaklee dari distributors terdekat anda untuk pengalaman mengandung, bersalin dan berpantang yang lebih menceriakan!!

English Subtitles:

Peace be upon you.. I am Dr. Najihah
I am a mother of six children including a pair of twins..
Today I would like to share my experience in using
Shaklee's pregnancy and Confinement set
When I was pregnant for my third baby..
I was using various products...
which lead me having a lot of bad experience during my pregnancy..
one of them is severe constipation that caused bleeding which caused phobia to me when going to the toilet..
Every time I went to the toilet, I must be crying because suffering the pain..
Secondly, I alway experienced spasm too.. especially during night time..
Its really disturbing my sleep .. and it happened frequently..
During confinement for my first baby and my second, the twins...
I got infections at my perineum wounds..
The doctor decided to re open the previous surgical suture ..and then to suture it back again
without using any drugs or bius
It was really painful!!
When I was delivering my third baby..
I got a severe head ache..
.. the surgical wound also had prolonged before it was finally fully recovered...
...for almost one month!..
But until the time when I was confirmed pregnant for my 5th baby...
I decided to try Shaklee Pregnancy Set for the first time..
The set I took consist of Vitamin C, Vitalea, B-Complex, Omega Guard, Ostematrix, and ESP...
and then I continue with Shaklee Confinement set after that..
Alhamdulillah, I was able to deliver my 5th baby through normal procedure..
during that pregnancy period..I experienced no more constipation and spasm..
I felt very energetic through out the pregnancy..
and the amazing part during confinement was that my Perineum wound recovered naturally..
Alhamdulillah...through out the pregnancy period my 5th baby...
no more constipation , hemorrhoid and spasm ...
I was becoming more energetic and healthy through out the pregnancy period
and this time again I was delivering normally (no c-sect)
..and what pleased me the most was my surgical suture's wound recovered even faster this time..
That is why I decided to continue in consuming ..
Shaklee Pregnancy Set and Shaklee Confinement Set for my latest edition sixth baby..
My sincere advise to mothers out there is that...
Do consider Shaklee product.. for an exciting experience throughout your pregnancy and confinement periods
Thank you Shaklee, Thank you Supermom Shaklee Story..

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