Gabungan Set Sihat Tenaga Lelaki dan Perempuan

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Sebagaimana menjaga kesihatan diri, kita juga sangat perlu menjaga kesihatan pasangan...Paling utama, kesihatan bersama.

Saya suka tagline kak long Huda, dalam kelas Vitaminnya pada 14 Ogos 2017:
"Hargai Suami dalam Hidup Anda" begitu juga "Hargai Isteri dalam Hidup Anda".



Jom saya kongsi pengalaman dari Testimoni Supermom Shaklee Story

Published on Jan 11, 2016
VIDEO # 4 SUPERMOM SHAKLEE STORY (with English Subtitles)

Bagaimana Puan Asmida Fazeli menyelesaikan masalah letih, lesu, lemah tenaga, mengantuk dan moody hanya dengan satu set basic energy booster; pastinya daripada Set Gabungan Sihat Shaklee.

Terima kasih kerana menonton video ini.

English Subtitles :

Hi. Peace be upon you!
My name is Asmida
I am Johorian but now staying in Alor Setar, Kedah..
To make the story short... I work 10 hours a day..
I've been given huge responsibility therefore I have to face many problems such as unpredicted weather dan tiring routine..
Because of that, my body always feels very tired and exhausted ..
easily fall asleep.. my face looks pale... and I suffers other health problem too..
But, since I consume energy Booster set from Shaklee, everything has changed!!
I took Ostematrix and Performance Drink..
The combination of those supplements is my energy booster secret
I like both Ostematrix and Performance Drink because
both vitamins enhance my incredible power!!
Ostematrix consist of Calcium which is good for bone health..
while the performance drink is good to prevent dehydration..
and it will boost your performance way better if compared to other isotonic drinks ..
It simply the best for my body and most importantly it is natural!
..and now, Ostematrix and performance drink is like my best friend which I'll bring every where i go...I make it compulsory in my diet routine because if I miss to take it once I will feel uncomfortable..
You must try it first to appreciate it.. I guarantee once you try it , sure fall in Love with it..
Thank you Shaklee, Thank you Supermom Shaklee Story

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